Moving to barcelona - need advice
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    Cool Moving to barcelona - need advice

    Hi me and my girlfriend are thinking of moving to barcelona for a year as she has been offered a job there
    we moved to madrid for a year in 2011,and it was really great,so think we are gonna go for it.

    Just wondering has anyone lived there? i am sure Fullenglishpint lived there.

    just wondering what the rent on apartments etc... and the the general prices of stuff are like?\

    madrid was quite cheap living wise,so just want to compare the 2.


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    I'm actually living in Madrid, but have been to Barcelona for a couple of times.

    I can tell you general prices there are more or less similar to here. It depends on where you buy your products (tourist places prices will be always higher than residential, as it is obvious). What kind of products would you like to know the price of?

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    I'm actually from Barcelona and I can tell you, it's not super expensive but everything depends on where you buy your stuff and where, I guess like everywhere in europe jajajaj I don't think rents are expensive, but again everything depends on where you're living! The city is small in comparison with Madrid, Paris or Berlin, because we're limited between mountains and the sea, however I think you can have a lot of fun and there are a lot of cool places here, rain is unusual and people are mostly nice If you need any other advice just ask

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    you are a lucky man!

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