New lappie. Library management help? :D
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    Default New lappie. Library management help? :D

    I got a new laptop, and i really want to start anew, library-wise.
    How do i do it?
    I mainly play EDM (as much as i hate the term, i still think it's better than proghouse. I'm in on tubular bellcore,tho), and techhouse.
    I would like to have some kind of method that would be able to sort stuff by 1) date of import and 2)"powerlevel" from 1 to 10. Plus a couple folders for stuff like top10 bangers and such.
    I ask this because i'm a very clumsy and cluttered person, and i would like someone to help me find a system to put some order in my library
    Thank you!
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    There is a date of import option in Traktors track browser window. Just right click on say 'artist' in the browser and select import date. Then click on import date to sort the tracks.

    Playlists and playlists within playlists. For example...

    - Tech house
    - Prog house
    - Handbag house
    - Actually it's a bungalow

    For power level, you could use Traktor's star rating system, which is also an option within the track browser. Find it in the same place as you find the import date option.

    Use 1 star for low energy, and 5 stars for high energy and then anything between the two in between.
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    Scroll down and read one or two of the 17k threads made on this exact topic in January.
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