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    Quote Originally Posted by IznremiX
    Also, I read on reddit that these fake accounts will go and like other similar pages in order to seem legit.
    Okay - that explains some of the followers I've got recently on sound cloud... And there's me thinking my "shit iz the bizomb".

    Quote Originally Posted by IznremiX
    When you pay for followers, you "dilute" the number of real followers you have; so whenever you post a mix, less real people end up seeing it. This COMPLETELY messes up your social media and makes it fairly useless.
    Another great point. Good post!
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    Stats boosting should only be a small part of your online promotion, most your time should be focused on gaining real users.

    There are two ways to take an active role in your soundcloud promotion. Some people argue both are wrong / immoral and the music should speak for itself. Maybe they have a point, but that isn't how the music industry has ever worked. Artists / labels have paid for radio plays / magazine inteviews / positive reviews / flyering / postering etc.

    One is a straight up stats boost (like the site OP linked to). Note these are ALL fake. Fake followers / likes from fake accounts. The accounts will probably look fake as well, real name doesn't match account name, no tracks uploaded, not many followers, haven't liked / commented / reposted anything. Quite sparse accounts.

    This does have it's benefits, but is the weaker of the methods. All it really does is show users consciously or unconsciously that this is music is being listened to and they should check it out. This is true of all styles from mainsteam pop music, where popularity rules above all else and more underground styles (no one wants to be the last to hear of an upcoming artist).

    But stats boost is only good as part of the promotion. Having 2,000 plays or 200k, the effect is the same. Having 20k followers or 2k is the same.

    The other promotion method is to interact with other users. Listening to tracks, liking tracks, commenting on tracks, reposting tracks, following other users. When you do this, the other user will get a notification and more often than not will check out who has just intereacted with them / their music. This is the whole point of the social network.

    The interaction promotion methods are infinitely greater than pure stats boosting as it gets *REAL* users into your follower base, opens up new opportunities.

    Remember everytime you upload a new track / repost a track / create a playlist, it is syndicated to the home page stream of all your followers.

    If you are interested in doing both kinds of promotion and more, you can check out
    Disclaimer, I am the author of the software.

    Mods, if this isn't allowed (it is on topic and is a response and not a pure advert new post, so I think is ok), I apologise and please remove link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    Okay - that explains some of the followers I've got recently on sound cloud... And there's me thinking my "shit iz the bizomb".

    Another great point. Good post!
    it is the bizomb
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    Default Thanks and Here's Proof

    Hey guys, thanks for all your responses. This is definitely something that I will not invest in. Yesterday, I spoke to someone in a support chat on one of these sites and she offered me 1000 free "trial" plays.

    The plays came really fast, at about 3 per minute. In less than 24 hours, I had over 1400 plays on one of my mixes that previously only had around 300. Here's a link to the mix. It's really easy to tell that these are fake due to the low number of favorites, comments, and reposts.

    Good thing SoundCloud offers some pretty detailed stats about your plays. This morning, I was able to click on "stats" and see the full specifics of all my plays. Here's the photo of what I saw:
    Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.44.10 AM.jpg

    I'm a DJ in Durham, NC, so it doesn't make any sense that I'd have so many plays from Brazil, Bulgaria, etc.

    Anyways, at least I didn't lose any money on this. Absolutely DO NOT pay for stuff like this. Now, I feel really illegitimate because I have a mix that clearly has fake plays because a sound I uploaded yesterday only has 15 plays....

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    Of course you can buy SoundCloud plays and followers. But don't buy FAKE plays. Fake plays and followers cannot help your music.
    I found this one: Build My Plays
    Different from others they provide Real Plays. I've used this serivices for 2 years to get more audiences, and they they never disappoint me.

    p/s: Now have Buy 1 Get 1 Free program.

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