What difference between DDJ-SX and DDJ-SZ?
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    Default What difference between DDJ-SX and DDJ-SZ?

    I'm planning to buy a DJ controller. So I need advice and some help what's exactly difference between DDJ-SX and the new coming DDJ-SZ? It's that only the size? or even performance changes?


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    Did you check the product pages for a detailed description of each controller. You can open 2 pages and compare. Probably best to get the technical differences rather than peoples 'opinion'. Opinion is nice but facts are what you should seek first.

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    Default Waste of money.

    Take a standalone pioneer mixer, 900nexus model. And put it on the ddj-sx instead of the one it has. Then add extra led display to the jogwheels and a ring of light around the top. Then add multicoloured lights to the velocity sensor pads and throw in a second sound card for dual laptop connectivity. All that for an extra $1000.

    You can go into more detail but i find it a waste of money. The only purpose i can see someone having this controller is if you dj A LOT at home and dont want to upgrade to cdjs in the future. Save your money and get the SX. The only other time someone should but this is if they run a venue that does live dj acts and doesn't want to fork out $10k for a full cdj setup, as this new controller is supposed to be club ready (as if the SX wasn't already).

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    Default Double USB / dual mode / DVS support

    These are the main things that you get with the DDJ-SZ in comparison to the SZ:
    • Double USB connection, allowing dual mode (2 computers in parallel)
    • CDJ size jog wheels
    • Built-in DVS support

    Note that the SZ is not only larger but also weighs about twice as much as the SX.

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