New Headphones: Help me pick! V-Moda M-100 or AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ ??
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    Default New Headphones: Help me pick! V-Moda M-100 or AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ ??

    Hard choice, heard both really like both. Going for more bass and they both are excellent in the bass department. The only thing that has me are looks.... V-Moda are such eye candy but hurt the wallet... Anyone mess with both that can steer me right?


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    The only thing that has me are looks
    Those being the only choice, I would choose comfort over looks, which the TMA's are not IMHO.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Also have the HD25 II in the mix... How's the bass compared to the TMA-1? I heard the TMA have the headband snapping on them.

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    V-Moda everyday.

    Got to use the TMA's, super uncomfy, meh sound, feel cheap.

    I use V-Moda's weekly. Not that exact model, but a very similar one. Nice bass, crisp clear mids/tops. No complaints. Would buy again.
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    I had been in the exact same situation, choosing between these two headphones lol, and I finally chose V-Moda M100. I prefer the sound of V-Moda M100 over TMA-1, especially for the bass, but I recommend you to try them both with your own ears, because we all have different taste anyway

    V-Moda M100 is also more comfortable for me because it's over-ear headphone, while AIAIAI TMA-1 is on-ear headphone.

    If you prefer more bass, I suggest you to add V-Moda Crossfade LP2 into your wishlist as well. It provide more bass than M100, while M100 provide more quality bass and the overall sound is clearer.

    Please keep in mind that 100% of this post is based on my ears and my preference only

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    I sold my tma's after about a month. The m100s win in every category. Comfort, sound quality, build quslity (for sure. Lots of probkems with tmas breaking).

    Buy once, cry once. The m100s are superior cans to the tmas

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    Good info here! Thanks..... Looks like I'm heading towards the M-100s.

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    I went with TMA-1 all the way. I personally like the feel of the headphone and find it very flexible the booth under working conditions. They do feel a little loose at times as they don't fit tightly over, but more than enough sound from the drivers kicks when mixing. By far the best advantage is that they take a beating and still come out strong week after week of gigs. No more snapped head bands or broken joints. The V-moda's feel great and sound excellent. But in my opinion, your sound quality isn't the biggest factor in a DJ headphone. We aren't behind the booth mastering a track. We should all know our music and how it sounds in general, the headphones for me are for cueing basis and general volume level balances between the two tracks.

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