Here's a mix from a show I played last week when I opened for Archnemesis. It's mostly deep vibey future bass.
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1. Deceptus by Incipe
2. Simbaland by Jailo & Kappa Kavi
3. Feel by Mojo
4. Prostetic Removal (Conrank Remix) by Doshy
5. Turn On by Guttstar
6. To Have and Have Not by Guttstar
7. It's All Good by Ganz
8. Get Ones by Ganz
9. Computerus by Curl Up
10. Future by Houcemate
11. I dnt knw by DS1
12. Cybergrime industries by Doshy
13. 1982 by Guttstar
14. Ghetto Bird by Doshy & G Jones
15. Jungle Vision by Wolf e-Wolf
16. Mountain by Eliot Lipp
17. Smoke (Till I'm Gone) (G Jones VIP) by Jailo
18. Clip After Clip (Boeboe Remix) by Jailo
19. This is What it Feels Like (Sugarpill Remix) by Banks
20. Can't Stop by Ganz
21. Swim by Jo Def
22. Killah (Puzahki remix) by Thomas White
23. Be Alright by Minnesota & G Jones
24. My Wasted American Youth by Nastynasty
25. Still Wet From Last Night by Yheti
26. Prostetic Removal (Joney Remix) by Doshy
27. Solar Cycle by Om Unit vs Kromestar
28. The Red Curtain by Om Unit
29. When it Drop by Reso
30. Lumberjack by Paurini
31. Coast by Perkulat0r
32. Lord by Strehlow
33. Supernova by Perkulat0r
34. Elevate by Perkulat0r