Scratch Live to Serato DJ - How are people liking the switch?
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    Default Scratch Live to Serato DJ - How are people liking the switch?

    So I have an SL1 box and can only use Scratch Live at the moment. I'm right before the point where I'm probably going to invest into a new SL box (most likely an SL4) and a DDJ-SP1. Probably going to add a third turntable after I get that new box as well, but that's down the line a bit. (I've wanted to add one for a bit, but it's a bit of a financial undertaking - now that I'm forced to change I might as well go full throttle).

    I'm on the fence since I can pretty much purchase a new set of CDJ-850's and just go full rekordbox/CD instead of turntables for the price of the SL4 + SP1 + another 1200. It's a really tough call at this point honestly.

    I've become accustomed to my workflow, and really just love using turntables, so leaning toward the upgrade to the Serato side of things.

    How are people liking the transition? Anything you dislike about Serato DJ in comparison to Scratch Live? Any thoughts or considerations you can chip in with?
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    I'm digging it my only complaint is "browse" is missing from what's midi mappable.

    Debating just selling my ddjsx for an sp

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