Mapping Help! VCI 400 SE with Traktor Tempo Faders
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    Default Mapping Help! VCI 400 SE with Traktor Tempo Faders

    Greetings to All,

    I have just got my VCI 400 SE and I like the controller, but I have found that some of the settings are not for me, so I have delved into the Traktor Contoller Editor, which is new challenge and obsession for me!

    I am stuck on one thing though:

    I am trying to get my VCI's tempo faders to behave like the S4 which I used to own. I have managed to change the the tempo range to 100% and map the shift key just to bypass the tempo fader so I can adjust the physical control to match the track's tempo without any jumps (having to double click the browser knob was just too annoying) What I am missing now is to map an LED to indicate when the position of the fader is aligned the the track's tempo. Any input (or output!) would be appreciated....

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    Add Out > Tempo Fader

    Then play with controller range... I think that min-0 and max-0 should lite the LED when original track tempo is selected.

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