I've have been using the Traktor S4 since it first came out and I run it along side an F1 and a Midi Fighter.

My S4 is a bit worse for wear now having been carted around from gig to gig. Some of the pads need a sledge hammer to get them to work!

So it's time to upgrade...... but what should I go for?

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ has caught my eye because, I'm told, it works in a similar way to a Pioneer setup you are likely to get in a club. This appeals to me because I have a chance to work in clubs and have always turned them down because I don't want to 'learn on the job'. I would be short changing the everyone if I played it safe in my mixes because I hadn't got confidence in operating the equipment.

The downside is the size which would make it harder to carry around but then if I switch to working in clubs I wouldn't need to take it with me.

Am i right on this assumption?

The next question would be, is it time to switch to Serato?, as this is the software that Pioneer supports?
Is Serato as good as Traktor now?

I know I can alway reconfigure Traktor to work with the Pioneer but as with my experience with the S4 their are just somethings are a faff to reconfigure.

So the real question is, would I be best to upgrade to the new Pioneer DDJ-SZ?
If not what are the other alternatives for the same price?