Hey Tech-Toolians!

It's been quite I while since I've posted or commented on anything in the forum. This is partially due to the recently passed holidays, work, exams and just a hectic school load in general. As a result of everything going on I was very, very un-creative. When I did have some spare time. I'd sit down with my Maschine program in some drums...and..

...that was it. For the life of me I could not write ANYTHING. It was beyond frustrating and incredibly discouraging. Upon returning home for the holidays, I was seriously considering selling my Maschine to good friend of mine who's been begging me to sell it to him. Also, note I hadn't travelled with my guitar for almost 8 months at this time. And Maschine was my only music making device.

Upon arriving back to school I made sure to travel with my guitar. I was sitting on my balcony every night just strumming away and working off the rust. About two weeks into this routine I was stumbling across new chord progressions that I usually wouldn't think of, and playing in key signatures that I'd generally wouldn't. I'm now sitting on about 4 new songs that, while still need refining, I'm really happy with and more importantly came organically and didn't feel like I was trying to make something. This is what music should be like.

Moral of the story...stop clicking the mouse, pressing pads, looking at the screen and counting measures. If you play an instrument pick it up. Drink a few beers, play your guitar or sit at your piano whatever it is. Get out from behind the computer. Put on a vinyl record instead of Airplay-ing your iTunes playlist through your new wireless speakers you got for x-mas. Read books, physical books, instead of iBooks or on your kindle. Also, take a break from certain message boards if need be lol.

I found all these things helped me eliminate a lot of the bullshit and hang-ups I had when "trying" to create music. I stopped browsing through Beatport, and iTunes most populars. Paid no mind to opinions or critiques about music, and just let it happened.

Hopefully this story can help someone that's stuck with the creative process. Remember if music feels laborious or tedious...you're not doing it right.