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    Default Roland aira tr-8

    Hi guys!
    I'm currently running traktor with 4 decks playing techno/tech house and minimal
    but I find myself never use more than 3 decks at the same time

    So I was tinking of adding a PUSH like richie hawtin and dubfire but now I think the new aira tr-8 might even be a better choice for me for some reasons

    I'm just worried If it would be syncable the way I want so if you know the answer....

    I'm using a djm-850 with its internal soundcard
    so I would like to have the tr-8 plugged into one of the djm input pair run through the usb out into the computer
    than into traktor deck C or D (set to live input) an then back to the mixer via usb

    I definitely know it's possible but I'm worried about the offset of the midi clock
    In traktor, there's the midi clock offset but I can't find the answer if it adds a delay to the clock or if it puts the clock ahead of the beatgrid to compensate for external processing? This is a noob question but I need to know!


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    pretty much every midi clock is different. So you you'd be better off just having one master midi clock, than worrying about offsets.
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