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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcaller View Post
    Is here DJ software on the ipad that supports mapping class compliant controllers then?

    In theory my vci300 is class compliant. I will have to test it but I know for sure iPad Traktor won't speak to it...
    Yes, DJ Player and theres a pre-installed map for it as well AFAIK

    Also I just spotted this thingamajig on the Djay page - in conjuction with AvB

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    Default DDJ-SB clicking noise from speakers

    Quote Originally Posted by deevey View Post
    DDJ-SB anyone ?

    The Midi is apparently class compliant, how about the sound card ?

    I recently got the DDJ-SB and was excited to use it with my ipad, but when I connected everything and opened the DJ player app and pressed play, there was this clicking noise and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I'm using an ipad 2.

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