Stanton t.92 vs t.62
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    Default Stanton t.92 vs t.62

    As a bedroom DJ, I would like to try out scratching on vinyl and maybe digital vinyl on Traktor.

    I can't afford the recommended turntables and my budget points towards the Stanton t.62 or the Stanton t.92.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if the mechanical guts of the t.92 are truly superior over the t.62 or is it the same thing. I don't care for the features of the t.92 if I can save $100 with the t.62.

    So does the t.92 have more "torque" than the t.62?

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    Yes the 92 has wayyyyy more torque than the 62.
    92 torque is equal to a Technics 1200/1210 (the 62 is almost half that)

    But what you should be looking at honestly (if you can afford it) is the STR8-150 / ST-150. which has almost double that of a Technics. I'd try to find some used 150's

    Note you are also comparing 62 (straight tonearm) to a 92 (curved tonearm) - not sure if that makes a difference, but if you are learning to DJ- trust me it will make a big difference in needle skipping.

    Hope this helps,
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    I personally own 2 of Audio Technica AT-LP120s and I enjoy them. They are about half the price of many new turntables and come with lots of features. Next closest thing to technics for the price tag.

    If you do decide to stay with stanton go with the t.92s the t.62 is not for scratching.
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    i own the 62's they are great for mixing! but not for scratching

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