Midi Fighter overriding my CDJs
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    Default Midi Fighter overriding my CDJs

    Hi everyone, my set up consists of Z2 Mixer, two Denon 3900's and my new midi fighter.

    I'm using the MF Spectra FX^2 mapping. by FlashFlooder

    my problem is, when i import the midi fighter mapping it overrides all the midi commands on my CDJ's. So my the cues, loops, and search no not work anymore. The only things that work is the play,cue, and the pitch fader.

    I've been very accustomed to using the search knobs on my cdjs for loading songs.

    The weird thing is, if i import the MF mapping first then CDJ's the CDJS work fine but then on the MF the beatmasher effects are no delays and get stuck on until i unplug the MF?

    How exactly do I avoid this? I technically have to import 2 mappings, one for cdjs, and one for the midi fighter and even sometimes the midi fighter overwrites the mixer and i have to import it again.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey shiftyrythms,

    It currently sounds that your Spectra and CDJs are sharing same midi channel so they would indeed clash if both of mapping devices are set to "ALL PORTS" (in-port out-port). Make sure to set correct controllers for corresponding mapping devices.

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