Finger Piano Share: Play Real Pianos From Your iPhone, Remotely
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    Default Finger Piano Share: Play Real Pianos From Your iPhone, Remotely

    this is some crazy stuff by yahama.
    allowing upto 10 people to remotely play via an iphone on one of their midi keyboards. controlling a speaking robot and now it gets really funky:

    "But there's more. Working in conjunction with the GPS-enabled, augmented reality Sekai Camera iPhone app, Finger Piano Share lets users 'tag' a particular performance of a piece they might have played on a specific piano or on the iPhone in a specific place. When the Sekai Camera app is turned on, these tags appear on the iPhone camera screen whenever its lens focuses on a geo-tagged musical performance location (though for now it has to be a Yamaha piano). Users can click on these tags and instantly play the piece of music that was recorded in that spot.

    The augmented reality add-on is a bit weird, in our view, since we're not sure how often we're going to be walking down the street and coming across several Yamaha pianos (or Steinways, for that matter) all within view of our iPhones camera, but maybe it would make more sense at a music camp or conservatory.

    Still, we were impressed with the overall fusing of old-school technology (piano) with white-hot technologies of today (augmented reality and iPhone apps)."
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    That's so crazy.

    I wonder how high that latency is. lol.
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    thats sick. makes me wish I could play.

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