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The thing about "big touring acts" is that they typically have three or four "variations" on their larger set - different beginnings, different endings, different transitions...but overall the main body of the act is "well rehearsed" and "well coordinated." This is because they can NOT afford a train wreck. Better to play at 90% than to try for 110% and lose it. So, the odds of the set being "identical" is fairly low....the odds of the set sounding "identical" is fairly high.

That said, not even 10% of the people will notice or care.
I 100% agree. I used to absolutely hate on all these big room acts. But who cares, I went to the Greater Than tour in Dublin, IRL to see Pete Tong, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, yes all big room names and wouldn't exactly be my own taste....but even though I'm sure the sets throughout the tour were probably pretty similar, it was one of the greatest nights of my life...I did not stop dancing, amazing show! the lights / lasers / fireworks were f'ing amazing!

Also, This video explains how even though its freestyle, the light show can be sync'd up to any track he plays!

although, if the Dj was a dick, it would be funny!