How screwed am I?
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    Default How screwed am I?

    So i have two jbl 12 inch speakers and whenever i remove the cord that goes from my speakers to the back of my s2 it pulls them out a bit. I have been trying really hard not to break them as it feels like they are going to be pulled out of there sockets when i remove the cord. But the inevitable happened, as i turned my controller on to practice today i noticed one speaker was not playing any sound. Upon investigation i discovered that the inner white part of the first output has been pushed in. How screwed am I? Can this be fixed? I bought it used. Please help I cannot afford another one of these things.
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    Any help is appreciated. Thankyou

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    Either get it fixed at an electronics repair shop, or use the TRS outputs instead. You can use adapters to turn them into RCA outputs if you need them:

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    This is probably an hours work for an electronics wiz. I wouldn't expect it to cost too much.

    You can buy the parts at Maplins (other electronics stores are available...). Dunno if they'll do the work for you though.
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