Any news about the the future of Traktor software? I'm wondering if I should get the Traktor Scratch upgrade at NI for $99 or just wait to see if NI updates Traktor to include digital vinyl support in a new version. I bought a turntable and I have the S4. I don't know if it is wise to put $99 in the Scratch upgrade. Maybe something new is coming? I got this email from NI when I was inquiring about the price of the Scratch upgrade:

Thank you for contacting Native Instruments!

All updates and upgrades for TRAKTOR have been discontinued, as we streamlined our
product portfolio to make purchases easier for our customers.

At the same time, TRAKTOR PRO 2 was reduced from $229 to $99 (just FYI, an upgrade
from LE to PRO would have been at $139).

Please purchase the full version right here: