Tech Question Re Vci100 slider producing to cc outputs alternately
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    Default Tech Question Re Vci100 slider producing to cc outputs alternately

    sorry not sure if this is the place for my post?

    so in tractor the left volume cont had started controlling both left and right volume sliders on the mixer. these output on cc 12 and cc13.

    ive opened up my unit and one of the pots is dead (I'm gonna try resoldering) but the weird issue is that the left controller is apparently outputting 2 different outputs alternatively to effect control 1 and then to effect control 2. i guess that would explain why both left and right vol sliders are moving simultaneously in tractor.

    can any help me with this please? the unit is 8 years old and i can't see any software or drivers that would be producing this problem, so is it a firmware failure or hardware prob? or have both pots gone nuts at the same time. possible i suppose?

    thanks a lot!


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    on the vci100 with firmware 1.4 the left volume fader sends cc12 and the right one cc13.
    with firmware 1.4 the volume faders of the vci100 sends more than one note. see this picture for all midi notes of that unit.
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