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    Default Minimal Overload

    If you like minimal you might like this. If you don't like minimal.... Why'd you click this?

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Sorry for the weird format, copy and pasted the track list from my mix cloud

    1. Flow by John Dare
    2. Mindspace (Avrosse Remix) by Marco P
    3. No Added Sugar by Luca Terzini
    4. Koopa's Castle by Pedro Freiberger
    5. Minimal People by Jus Deelax
    6. Loading by J Mator
    7. Smoking Device by Rob Lewis
    8. Poker Face by Julio Leal & Daniel Aguayo
    9. Paradise by Wholf B
    10. Critical Thinking by Rob Lewis
    11. Minimal Happiness by Joe Maker
    12. Some Slip by Gaiser
    13. Delicious by Corner & Droplex
    14. Mexico by Jus Deelax
    15. Anger Management by Avrosse & Louie Cut
    16. Greed by Luca Cassani
    17. Exit East by Hobo
    18. Quadbit by J Soul
    19. The Thief by Avrosse & Louie Cut
    20. Euphoria by DoubKore & Dgtalsystem
    21. Pure Minimal by Manu Sami
    22. Ghost Dance by Shine
    reppin those deep underground European vibes out in the northern midwest

    Techno, Deep House, Electronica, Ambient.


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    cool mix - its not minimal enough for me tho lol

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