Do any of you have this problem tagging MP3 art?
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    Default Do any of you have this problem tagging MP3 art?

    I have some mp3s that don't want to keep tagged artwork no matter what I do. I use mp3tag to embed the art.
    I'll do it on my desktop and move a copy to my laptop. I load up Traktor and the artwork is gone. I play it in WMP and the artwork is gone. Some I have done this several times. I see it working on the desktop but no longer working when I move a copy to another computer. The problem seems to work in reverse as well.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you press save when replacing the artwork in mp3tag? It is not saved automatically.

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    Yes of course I save. Ha ha.

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    do all your other tags save correctly?

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    So I had this odd theory that programs could but disliking album art size or something i read about there being different ID tag versions maybe?

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