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    I have a very small M-Audio usb Soundcard for 1/8" i/o ....I record into my mac....if I HAVE to use RCA's, I split the output.

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    I use a ZOOM H6.

    Record with the M/S module and hi-pass and limit that channel for crowd noise.

    Mixer to 1/2 in for mixer out.

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    Distortion might be caused by the output levels being to high. You need an attenuator to lower the output voltages or change the impedance for the output (better said, the input which probably is high impedance).

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    Hey guys,

    just a quick update.

    I have managed to get a perfect recording with the unit I linked earlier:

    What this allows me to do is set the recording input level at the Zoom recorder to 50 (out of 100) and then manually control the incoming levels through the knob. I made sure the incoming levels sat pretty high but without clipping = Rec quality is perfect!

    Works perfect for me, thanks for all your input!
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    I just recorded a party with a ZOOM H1 coming REC OUT of a Pioneer DJM-900. Whole set was clipped and distorted.

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    That 1/8" input on the h2n is total shite for recording anything with a wide range. Which soundcard are you using on your comp? Are you using the DJM built in or and audio 8/10. It will cause you the forth deck, but you can designate channel d's input to the record input in traktor then route the record out to the channel 4 line in and record directly in traktor. I personally carry around my mbox mini and record in audition running in the background behind traktor. I did forget it at home once and had to record via the method I described.
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    i had a very similar problem with an h1. could never get it to record cleanly. tried multiple settings on both my mixer (djm800 at the time) and the h1. i think it had something to do with the input on the h1, but i could never remedy the problem. long story short i returned the h1 and upgraded to the djm850.

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    I just use Traktor's internal recorder, REC out from my mixer to a deck on the Audio 10.. Sounds spot on..
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