I'm new to traktor but I want through a full tutorial I got so I'm not very experienced but I know what is what . I just finished up organizing my library on the PC and imported it into Traktor.
I'm now going over each track and checking the grid and setting up cues.
1) My problem is: why when I set the grid manually a grid marker appears as a cue ?! I want my 1st CUE to be a Load Cue and all the rest as markers for different parts in the track.
My problem is that I set the grid very carefully to make sure it's OK and traktor didn't make a mistake and then set a load cue. but if I notice the grid is a lil' off and try to re-set it it starts setting grid cues for me and messes up what I've already done.
2) Sometimes when I delete cues or remap them to another cue I'm left with these "Phanto Cues" that I cannot delete! why is that?
3) Is there a way to reset all the info Traktor has on some track and reload it? so I get it "fresh" without any cues or grid etc.
Thx for the help guys, this is really driving my crazy.