CHALLENGE! - Help with Manual Looping (Manual Loop Adjust)
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    Default CHALLENGE! - Help with Manual Looping (Manual Loop Adjust)

    Ok, so I've been looking for an answer to this for a while and I can't seem to find anything (as far as I know anyway)

    Basically I want to re-create the pionner CDJ looping system onto my controller in Traktor. That is:

    Pressing loop "in" and "out" to set the loop.
    Once in the loop pressing "out" again will activate a way to adjust the end point of the loop.
    I want to map this to the jogwheel in order to make the loop longer or shorter by turning the jogwheel.

    Now, I don't want the loop adjust to set at the pre-designed increments (such as 1/2 , 1/4 , etc). I want it to be steady and constant.

    There is a way of doing this in the software, I believe it's called "xfine" or "fine" or something similar. This is found in the "loop move" section of the tab below the waveforms. I can make it work by clicking my mouse on the button but I cant seem to find a way of actually mapping that to the controller.

    Anyway I hope someone can help me, sorry for all the detail, I just wanted to be as clear as possible for you all

    If you're still unsure what I mean, Eats Everything does it a few times in this performance, one time it shows it clearly is 1:15 if you want to take a look at what I mean:

    Thanks all


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    You can? Just make a one beat loop and press the loop out button on your controller (if it has one that is) and then slowly move your platter anti-clockwise. Should do the trick

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