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    Hey everyone,

    I need some help with my set and how to connect it the proper way.

    Setup includes
    1 Macbook Retina Pro
    1 Xone 92
    2 Traktor x1 mk2s
    1 Ableton Push
    1 RME Fireface UCX

    I would like to play all 4 decks in traktor, be able to utilize both AUX channels for FX in ableton and also use both Returns for sampling with Ableton Push. I was told you are unable to have this set up in stereo, I see many DJs (ex. Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Chris Lebing etc) using it but i'm unable to actually tell if they are in stereo or not. So really need help with what i should be connecting to what from my Macbook, to the soundcard and to the mixer. Thanks for the inputs in advance.


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    Basically you need more analogue outs if you want everything in stereo.

    UCX has 8 analogue outs, 6 on the back and headphone (7/8) on the front. You can easily use these for the 4 Traktor decks but then you are left with none for the returns from Ableton etc. Running mono, can be done but do you really want to?

    FYI, I know that Richie Hawtin uses the UFX which has more analogue outs, 8 on the back plus 2 headphone outs on the front. Magda uses a UCX but also uses Xone:K1's for control and additional outs.

    So the choice is another soundcard or you could find a small ADAT unit to hang off your UCX for more outs
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