M-Audio Trigger Finger - replacement knobs
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    Default M-Audio Trigger Finger - replacement knobs

    Anyone know where I can get replacement rotary knobs for the Trigger Finger?
    One got crushed in my gig bag, so ideally I need to be able to buy them as a single item.

    Alternatively, anyone know where I can get any set of dials that would fit?


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    You should try to disassemble the unit and see what pots are there and measure them.
    It'll most likely be a standard ALPS pot (probably one of these : http://www.alps.com/WebObjects/catal...K09K_list.html ) which you could order from www.mouser.com or such similar shops.

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    I raised the same query on the M-Audio forum, and got a reply from one of their tech guys who offered to send me some for free, which was great, although they haven't arrived yet.

    This may well be down the the fact they're coming from overseas, plus we're experiencing a run of postal strikes in the UK too 8(

    Thanks for that info though. Mouser seem to have a massive range, I may well eventually end up with some straight knurled aluminium dials.

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