Dj tech dif-1m?????
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    Hi Guys,

    I know that the Dj Tech DIF-1M is releasing next month and it is a very affordable two channel mixer with midi functionality and a mini-innofader and they added the master/cue switch for your monitoring needs that the DIF-1s lacked. Now having stated this I would like to get some opinions on gigging live with this mixer (small bars) because everything you read about the DIF-1s is for bedroom dj's but I don't see why you could not gig with this. I would be using this with a traktor A6, an X1 and, 1 Turntable (occasionally 2 X1's and no turntable). Just wanted to get some input on if you would use or rely on this set up.
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    I don't see why gigging with it would be an issue.

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