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    Also important to take into account how much profit is being made by you providing the service this is very important when I first started I charged $300 and they made $9,000 in liqour sales so felt like I shorted myself but was a first ry
    Sure they had $9000 is liquor sales, but how much of that is actually going into their pocket? As some one who's owned a club and managed a few clubs/lounges in the past, that $9,000 might not be going that far. From the cost of staff, utilities, taxes, lease/mortgage, advertisement, insurance, the actual cost of the liquor and so on, that $300 might be cutting into the profits more than you think.

    Was this just a one time gig, or was this a weekly event you did and promoted? If it was a weekly thing and they were consistently getting those kinds of numbers, then I would definitely ay negotiate for a better deal after you have shown yourself to be a proven commodity.

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    Haha oh it was nothing like that and yeah was 9grand after costs and it was a long weekend type thing volunteers and was a fundraiser......

    Long story short.... Summer long weekends and shit like that in the small town I live in they do ball tournaments and then a Caberet.... Each long weekend a different community committee hosts and organizes the Caberet and slopitch tournament.

    Similarly in the fall winter there's one and a New Years one. So normally things like that is where the 300-400 comes in depending on what and turnout is..... Not as straight cut as simple amount.... However weddings is a different ball game unless for friends then it's usually far cheaper then similarly equipped outfits...

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    Keep in mind were talking open format style deal not really much beyond having my library and gear involved odd times there's really fancy mixing but it's unnoticed so mostly wait till the booze is really flowing before have fun and play other then top 40 and country or such

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    I also base my price on the genres requesting to be played paying for massive catalogs of music is not cheap when you have hard drives with thousands of dollars of music on it can add up ontop of equipment costs and maintenance

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