Syncing multiple computers?
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    Default Syncing multiple computers?

    Whats up yall

    Im new to how this would work, so if anyone has experience with how to sync up two computers to traktor pro, I'd appreciate it. Me and my boy are trying to get this on lockdown for a gig tomorrow, so itd be cool if we can do it the professional way. So I need details on hardware needed and any bugs associated with it. Thanks

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    Set all computers manually to the same bpm then use pitch bends to put them in phase sync with one another.

    If you need to change tempos have one knob on a midi controller linked to all the computers to control the master tempo with the one knob.

    I personally feel this is a better option than midi sync, because you can get a tighter phase sync that doesnt wobble around and you can change the bpm without having to wait for all the slave computers to catch up.

    This is the thread your after anyway :

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