Alright guys, so here is half of a random set I made other day. It's very much a techno mix, although it's the more accessible, house infused type of techno rather than just endless beeps and boops (which believe me, I love.)

Anyway I was hoping on getting some feedback from more experienced DJs, as it probably sounds a little muddy in some spots as I was going up to 4 decks and i'm no Surgeon.


Ghostek - Vampires
Fabio Guarriello, Andrea Sorbo - BlaZe
Dax J, Gareth Wild - Revok ([Phase] Extended Mix)
Timmo - Canvas
Dany Rodriguez, DJ Ladida - Substancia (Redhead Mix)
The Welderz - Arlequin (Electric Rescue Remix)
Skober - Step Forward
Bart Skils - Everything Just Dark
Miquel - Dreams of The Titans (Christian Cambas Mix)
Patrick Topping - Get Beasty
The Ventura - Le Futur
Luigi Madonna - I Believe
Cari Lekebusch - Peafowling
Harvey McKay - Slip
Itamar Sagi - Hipster