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In thanks and love for the excellent Mini-LP/Maxi-EP, "Music For The Uninvited," I was inspired to put together a mix of my favorite Vynehall tracks to date. These are all only officially released, and include his remixes and Laszlo Dancehall work as well. Vynehall is one of the best doing it right now, and for me, sets a standard in House Music for soundcraft, beats, emotional complexity -- all of it.

Leon Vynehall - I Know Your Face, Heroine
Leon Vynehall - Sister
Ratcatcher - Somehow (Leon Vynehall Translation)
Leon Vynehall - Don't Know Why
Laszlo Dancehall - Manley Harrison
Leon Vynehall - Be Brave, Clench Fists
Severn Beach - We Continue (Leon Vynehall Basement Dub)
Kevin Griffiths - Acid Splash (Leon Vynehall Translation)
Leon Vynehall - I Get Mine, You Get Yours
Leon Vynehall - Title #7
Leon Vynehall - Mauve
Leon Vynehall - Goodthing
Leon Vynehall - Untitled 017
Leon Vynehall - Brother
Laszlo Dancehall - Gave Up
Leon Vynehall - St. Sinclair
Leon Vynehall - Picture Frame