midifighter twister to sequence hardware synths?
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    Default midifighter twister to sequence hardware synths?

    i see that djtt will be releasing a midi dongle for the twister. does this mean that we will be able to utilize the twisters internal sequencer to sequence a hardware synth or drum maschine? i'm a little bit confused as to how the sequencer will work in these things.

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    so i just received my twister and let me first say that this thing is amazing. loving it so far.

    i've been trying it out in a few different programs, and even though the midi dongle is not available yet, i believe this will be possible. The main trick to get the sequencer to work is that the twister needs to be receiving midi clock from your host.

    I can confirm that the sequencer works with traktor (remix decks), ableton (drum racks) and various iPad apps. I have not gotten the chance to use it extensively with different iPad apps, but i can confirm the sequencer working with DM1 through a powered usb hub.

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    Default nice

    Would be great if you could post video or details in controlling ipad apps via twister. I'm pretty much a traktor/noise noob but i'm curious if you could use twister to maschine reactor plugins or things like damage kontakt etc.. dunno, but i see many twisted mutations possible. A video on the ipad piece would be lovely tho!!

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