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    Default First time in the club

    Hi everyone,

    I just need some nerve calming. I have been playing parties and events for about 4 years and have finally been approached to play at a night club.

    Now i have been to the club many times, however whenever I go out it is to have a good time and I never really pay attention to the technicalities of the DJing.

    While I'm pretty sure i know what I am doing when it comes to the parties and events that i have been playing, I'm feeling really nervous about starting in the club. Is there a major difference between DJing in clubs and parties? Should I keep kick drum rolling all of the time and avoid the "quiet" verses? Should I be going from chorus to chorus? etc. Things like that is what I'm stressing about.

    It would be awesome if you guys can help me out with the technical differences. By the way, it is an electro/ progressive house club if that is important.


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    Just do your thing and you will be fine. Everyone has been kicked off the decks a few times

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    If you have been playing for 4 years im sure you will do fine!

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