Making scenes with launchpad in Traktor
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    Default Making scenes with launchpad in Traktor

    So iv'e just been helped out on here a few days back about LED outputs in Traktor and have got to grips with the modifying, but I have another question..... I currently have a remix deck mapping set up on the left hand of the launch pad but am looking for a way to toggle the right hand side to change to a HotCue page, then with another shift button a Loop page, then again with another to a fx page (like when using the launchpad in Ableton) Wonder if anyone has achieved something similar or if it is at all possible??? I tried using midiKatapult but the layout were not what I was looking for.
    Thanks in advance.

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    What exactly do you mean the layout wasn't what you were looking for? Though to clarify, Traktor's LED output has nothing to do with Katapult's LED output.. Katapult assigns it's own output once you create an input.. and you can set LED outputs that have nothing to do with inputs. In Traktor you have to set an input.. and then set an output if you want anything lit up..

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    Create modifier, wich increases by 1 when u hit a particular key.
    When you reach your desired amount of pages, you make the modifier become 0 again.

    Then ur going to put modifiers to the mappings of your launchpad
    When m1=0 -> key1 = your action 1
    When m1=1 -> key1 = your action 2

    Hope this helps
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    Check out the Launchpad mappings - there are some great ones:
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