Strange problem with Traktor Pro 2 and Sony vaio.
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    Default Strange problem with Traktor Pro 2 and Sony vaio.

    i've got a sony vaio i3 2,4ghz 4gigs ram.
    windows 7 home premium 64bit.
    latency from 0.80 - 120 μsec.

    traktor without multicore processor enabled. (disabled it after i had some problems.)

    my disk is more than half empty.

    laptop only for djing. everything runs on full power, no sleep, wifi, camera etc etc disabled in device manager. all not needed appz disabled and removed all bloatware. no bloatware startup programs like auto updates, java etc etc. usb always runs in full power in device manager.

    disabled all C States in bios etc etc etc.

    my sample size was set to 1024.

    and i am using my ddj t1 pioneer. i've had problems and my traktor froze the one waveform and music stopped suddenly. no cracks and pops no nothing in the mean time. that happened randomly and once in 5 gigs~.

    cpu runs at 10-20% max. ram works bellow mid. after that happens i close traktor and reopen and all fine. no crash no nothing. still all buttons knobs jogwheels responding from my t1 to traktor. but sound stops and the waveform moving in slow motion.

    after i've made some changes. no more that waveform froze. (i think was caused by traktor multicore processor support being enabled, i've read its a bit buggy on some machines.)

    now i have other problems, sometimes a pop happens in my music for 2-3 seconds, then music is back to normal.that happens once in 2 gigs or so.

    no latency more than 120μsec . so its definitely not some latency issue.

    this happened with sample size on buffer at 1024. now i've made my sample size 512, as i've read on NI support forum that some modern cpu work better with 512 or 256 sample size.

    if thats not the problem, i am afraid i've tried everything.

    is it possible that my laptop cannot be used for ddjing ? as i've tried everything i could twerk around in windows and bios.
    i've seen many people use windows without problems and they havent done not even the half that i do.

    i am really pissed off.
    is anything wrong that i've missed?

    using TP2.6.8.

    from my experience. its not latency issue as latency mon shows me 120μsec. i've been measuring it for more than 6 hours continuously.i also heard no crack or other audio glitches.

    its not from tp2 cause its not pirated and up to date.
    my laptop never froze or something.

    i really hope that moving to 512 sample size will fix this problem.

    in the mean time i have to wait to test it in gigs again this weekend and see if the problem stil exist.

    any ideas? what i am missing.... ?? your help is more than needed.

    regards G.B.

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    i've saw a daw windows 7 setup guide. and there was an advice to turn off virtual memory on windows. i had it on the recomended size, ram x1.5. i think this might be my problem, cause there was only some pops once in 2 gigs.

    it might be cause by the HDD speed, cause its 5400 rpm a lot lower than ram speed. so songs are loaded into ram when on deck. virtual memory could slow down the read phase. so i turned it down. this weekend i will be able to test it. i hope it helps. my 4 gigs of ram are more than enought for using traktor.

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