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    Hey, Raver Ste,

    I really like what G7no is saying. I would add that because you're doing something you have a passion for, the networking will take care of itself, mostly. It needn't feel like a grind.

    You say you want to play all over the world. I recommend Couchsurfing, or something similar. Find people who share your enthusiasm for the types of music you play. You can invite them to visit you to attend a party that you help organize - remember promoters are looking for people to fill their venues. Decide where you want to go and find people via Couchsurfing who can put you up and/or help you get bookings.

    You can also use crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo to test ideas for gigs.

    Knowing the right people can be as simple as having friends who share your interests.

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    Some plans don't always go as planned, the music industry is not a pretty one, so if one plan fails you have back ups. Life is about thinking with your head and not your feet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERROX View Post
    Some plans don't always go as planned, the music industry is not a pretty one, so if one plan fails you have back ups. Life is about thinking with your head and not your feet!
    the plan is keep working till it pays off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raver Ste View Post
    I do not concur
    You can be the hardest working, most dedicated and most talented DJ in the world but if you piss off the wrong people or don't play the game you ain't going to get anywhere. As everyone has said, social skills and networking skills are a HUGE part of becoming successful as a DJ.

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    hiya! i'm new here. this thread looked interesting...
    scuse me for a little interjected-introspection...
    i parse together all the differing views in this thread like so:

    1) much of it is attitude: don't 'chase' dreams, 'ride' them to your destiny(if it is your dream to DJ, there's got to be love for it that will carry you through no matter whether you make it exactly where you want or not. if you're djing already(and you know you love it), you're already 'riding' that dream. you're not 'chasing' it. now you just have to guide your love to withstand all obstacles and maneuver it straight to the destiny you desire.) keep at it.

    2) much of it is connections: on the one hand, don't be a dick and try to appreciate the world around you that helped give birth to your love in the first place. on the other hand, there are 7+ billion people in the world!
    there's always a bigger fish than the one you're talking to
    there's also many smaller fish just like you, too, and some even smaller than you
    then there're many bubbles to get stuck in, which may allow you temporarily to think you're finally at the top, until it bursts and you must find another bubble... or else, learn to swim like a renegade shark, muahahahahahahahaaa!
    (wait... wut?... dunno... that last part just sounded cool )
    if you can't make a connection somewhere, keep looking for other connections.
    the music industry(any part of it), is not centralized in power(and less and less so as we move into the future).
    being true to yourself involves avoiding the wrong connections, as much as it involves finding the right ones.
    keep looking for more.

    3) "losers... watch porn...." ....hey! but wait a sec! i'm pretty sure many winners ALSO watch porn(all the winners and losers in the room: "F--K YEAAAAAH!").... (...and some djs even remix porn, but whether they are winners or losers is more a matter of subjective taste )
    haha, sorry again, not sure where i was going with that one.

    4) i'd probably add to the thread: considering the world's population is constantly increasing as well as the population of djs, in order to be noticed above the noise of everyone else, it probably will become increasingly important to strive for something more individual and unique. it isn't universally applicable to follow what others tell you to do. you'll need to find out for yourself what works for you as an individual.

    ok, then

    "All me know is if ya keep on comin, it carries over" -Bob Marley(Talkin' Blues Interview)

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    Quote Originally Posted by G7no View Post
    If you dont believe it can happen then theres your problem right in front of you. the big different between winners and losers....................

    Winners BELIEVE......... and no matter how many naysayers come their way the still believe and work their bollocks off until nothing remains but success................. but heres a thought for ya ..........some people are actually AFRAID of success and they dont even know it........

    Imagine you were transported to a different time from now where your future self was headlining the Miami music conference. WTF you just took a massive shortcut to success but dont have the experience and hard work and learning that it took to get there ....

    you feel confident? or actually shitting yourself?

    Losers equipment........mess around some porn..........daydream some porn ... buy more equipment etc etc etc

    Any course taken should be thoroughly researched ..... at 19 most blokes dont have the dedication to win ....burt shit man your 19 have fun and make mistakes mistakes are what make people grow

    life is about risk vs reward.

    Lots of universities in uk have good courses ...... Scotland currently has a free higher education system ...check it out before they all stand up and shout FFFFRRRRREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOM like Mel Gibson

    No one option is right or wrong, a life lived well is a life without about a nightclass?
    I understand what you're saying but I think being realistic about the state of this world economy is probably a lot more important than telling someone that with enough handwork they can achieve their dreams in the entertainment industry. There are so many Dj / producers everywhere you look undercutting each other, working for free etc. He's 19, he should be concentrating on getting a degree or obtaining a marketable skill that will realistically provide a future for him. Strapping himself with debt to learn a skill that is essentially going to be a giant gamble with his future and earning potential is not a smart move.

    To the OP because you don't find math / science interesting or entertaining or whatever is not a reason not to pursue a degree or skill in something that will provide you with a future. Why not spend some time reading about all these college graduates coming out of school with tens of thousands of dollars of debt with worthless liberal arts / performing arts degrees? You want to be a professional bartender or waiter your whole life then by all means chase those dreams. The smart move would be to secure yourself a good degree or job skill and use your free time AND money to work on your DJ'ing and music production and if something materializes down the road awesome! you made it in an industry most won't but if you don't make it at least you have something to earn a decent living with and support a family if you chose that road.

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