With next upcoming event in May alongside Hartlepool's very own techno club night "Krankhouse", we have put together a mix of tunes which we at Four4 are currently enjoying in the lead up to Four4 x Krankhouse


MonoDuett - Mono Lisa
Marco Corona - Originales Tribal
Fideles - La Calaria
Four4 - Boscage
Shiba San - OKAY
Patrick Topping - Forget
Tong / Flynn / Rogers - Hear Me Now
Fabio Effe - El Garcia
Denis Horvat - Seene
Leonardo Gonnelli - Get
HUGE - Silicon
Rub A Dub - What You Looking At
Matt Sassari - Boyd Lagune
Jaceo - Godzirra
Ruede Hagelstein - Crazy Lips
Sante - Talking House
Dale Howard - Rhymes365
Claude Vonstroke - Can't Wait ( VonStroke's Where's My Kenny Remix)
Exercise One - Debaya
Bas Roos, Nick De Morsain - Inside

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