Upgrading From Controll To CDJ's, Via Timecode!
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    Default Upgrading From Controll To CDJ's, Via Timecode!

    Im looking to buy the Traktor A6 audio interface. I am going to be using the interface to controller the CDJ's at a club i work at!

    But i have a few questions as when i do buy it i wont be able to test it out as i have no CDJ's at home ill have to configure it and the club early! Basically when you set it all up do you need to download a midi mapping so the CDJ's work in Traktor? Like you would with a dj controller or does it just plug and play?

    If anyone has any reviews on the A6 i would love to hear them! Or if anyone has got one i would appreciate the info!

    Thanks guys

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    You just need the A6 driver installed. From there, you plug it in, and Traktor will recognize it.

    If you are using timecode CD's, you need the timecode CD's (obviously). That will be it. Control is fully through timecode, which is just like playing any other CD. If you have a CD player lying around at home (of any kind), you could even test it out with that. It doesn't have to be a CDJ's. As long as Traktor can "hear" the timecode, it will respond.

    If the CDJ's are HID (CDJ-2000's, etc.), again, you can just plug them in, and Traktor has integrated support for them.

    Be sure you have a backup plan the first time you do this. Bring some music on a USB stick or some backup CD's. Just in case...

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