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    Quote Originally Posted by SlvrDragon50 View Post
    I've never had any problem with Rekordbox either.
    Same here, works fine.
    It was a bit crash happy a few years ago but that's all been fixed and it's very stable now. plus there's a new version on it's way soon....

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    Quote Originally Posted by biutze View Post
    Hey, Lex!

    The show went really well! I played on my friend's setup, an X1 MK2, for the first hour and a half and then switched to the CDJs for the remaining 45 minutes (Paul went on at around 12:15). As I haven't played on them in years, my performance was a bit shaky, but everyone else assured me it sounded great, even though I think they were just being kind. For future shows, I'm going to have to use CDJs. So, I'm probably going to invest in one just to practice my beat matching and then buy another later on. I met Paul and he was really nice, contrary to what I've heard. He gave me a CD with an exclusive track, which I worked in my latest mix:

    During the last hour, I played tracks 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, and 11 (you can find the tracklisting by following the SoundCloud link). Track 12 is the one that he gave me. Here are some photos from the night:
    Attachment 22689Attachment 22690Attachment 22691Attachment 22692Attachment 22693

    In the picture with Paul, I'm the one on the left. My friend Kosta X, who I played the set with, is on the right!
    Looks like the crowd was loving it and you got your name in lights! That's all one can ask for

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