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    Default Traktor dvs soundcards

    I have just bought a Traktor Audio 4 DJ Soundcard to use as a Dvs system at my club.

    I dont know if iv been phobed off but he said he included the Traktor Scratch Pro 2 onto a cd. Now im worried its a cracked version because it has no serial number or registratrion :/ If it is will i be able to upload it to MAC or will it be a PC file or doesnt it matter itll work on both?

    I wouldnt usually do this but seeing as a paid good money for it, im worried it wont work and ill have to pay full wack for the software meaning i got ripped off on an Audio 4 DJ

    I payed 110 for it which is $184 for the soundcard and apprently "Traktor Scratch Pro 2" is this a good deal? If someone could shed some light would be fantastic!

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    Most likely cracked as the audio 4 was not sold as a scratch package (at least when i had one)
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    The Audio 4 was originally sold with the now discontinued Traktor Scratch Duo 2.
    I'd be highly suspicious of that disc. If it has no serial number it is dodgy and NI have no way of telling if it was part of a package as the Audio 4 did not need registering, the hardware and software were not traceable bundles as they are now.

    If I were you and you cannot get you money back I'd just bite the bullet and buy the Traktor Scratch Upgrade Kit and have the peaceof mind that you have legit copy. Its like 90:

    110 for an Audio 4 is a little overpriced but not vastly. For 200 you with have Traktor Scratch Pro2 and all the timecode/cables etc. Not so bad in the end.

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