Trakor playlist to USB??
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    Default Trakor playlist to USB??

    Hello all

    As a backup, just in case my computer crashes, I would like to have my Traktor playlist on a USB, that way I can just plug it into the CDJ if I need to. Can I just drag the tracks right out of Traktor onto the flash drive?


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    I've never tried it directly from Traktor to a USB drive, but I have dragged and dropped from Traktor into Engine (Denon's software for their newest CD decks) and it works fine. I guess the easiest thing to do is try it!!

    If it doesn't work, then just right click on the playlist, export the playlist, and make sure the box to copy files to destination is checked. Select your USB drive as the destination, and then all tracks will get copied to it
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    Export the playlist in M3U format from Traktor - that should work on almost any audio software.

    Rekordbox can import M3U playlists allowing you to export a CDJ-compatible playlist to the USB stick.
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