[Tech House] Bay Area Tech house mix. 1 hour. First post.
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    Default Bay Area Tech house mix. 1 hour. First post.

    Just a simple tech mix. 1 hour long. First post on this forum.
    I named it wasabi trousers for no reason at all.
    Feedback welcome. Has some mark knight, noferini, fanciulli, gabriel rocha, doorly, etc.
    Just a bit to try and get you moving or make that commute a bit more enjoyable.

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    tracklisting for above mix.

    1. wild (lauren lane remix) - fanciulli
    2. chipperz - dan soden
    3. acapulco - ahmet sendil
    4. Housekeeping (Pirupa Remix) - dualton
    5. gimme five (general tosh rmx) - alex kenji, federico scavo
    6. cvr - koen groenveld
    7. alright - mark knight
    8. sleep like a man - gonelli
    9. drongoism - doorly
    10. Q factor - Noferini
    11. le pump - rory lyons and doorly

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    I listened to your mix in headphones at work. Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for tracklist and download link!

    - Mixing and levels were technically fine. I heard only one mix with slight phasing issues. I didn't hear much conspicuous use of EQ.

    - Lack of vocals or conspicuous melodies or samples in tracks resulted in a very "background music" feel. I listened to the whole mix and don't remember anything about it. Energy level was pretty constant throughout.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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