Who else is a REAL Bedroom DJ? ;)
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    Default Who else is a REAL Bedroom DJ? ;)

    Adam decided the only way to convince people of his seriousness as a DJ, rather than to play a gig or practice mixing, was to update his Facebook with a steady stream of photographs of his decks, laptop, controllers and monitors.

    “I’d already been taking photographs of the equipment and cooing slightly to myself with pleasure at how amazing equipment was,” explained Adam. “It was only after I had been failing to gain any respect as a DJ that I decided to publish them on Facebook.”

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    seems legit
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    “one of the ideas that we think will be successful,” concluded dr. Grimes, “is to have a frank and open discussion with avicii during which we’ll explain how utterly crass, pointless and terrible his music is which we hope will cause his head to become deflated long enough to be removed from his backside.”
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    There’s also an almost hermetic community that exists in many areas of dance music, where serious hobbyists feed off each other’s expertise but barely connect to the industry – despite many of those involved actually working in it.

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    DJing in clubs is ok...but there's nowt better than the real thing!!!

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    Just minutes before taking to the stage for the first night of his new world tour, “Guetta Life”, David Guetta sensationally announced that he was cancelling the event due to having lost the USB stick which contained his entire set.

    Mr. Guetta’s management quickly apologised to all his fans, however all four of them who showed up for the event were said to be massively disappointed with some of them having took the afternoon off from school and rode all the way there on their bikes.
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