Hey guys,

TL;DR - Would you kindly leave a comment here?

I'm DJ'ing for 3 years, I think. Time goes fast d00d.

And I'm really getting into my local house scene: I'm planning a party and talking with everyone here. I'm hooked now.
So, can you help me with this?

I recorded a set for a contest, It's a 40 minutes only set, and it's (mainly) G-House. Leave a comment and help a fellow comrade!
It's not a bad set, but 40 mins it's too short for me. I like to play 1,5 to 2 hours set. And the 40 minutes limit didn't helped.

Anyway, each genre'll get 2 winners. 1st one will be the BEST set evaluated by 2 DJ's and the second one is the popularity contest - the one with most unique comments.

I can't guarantee that my set'll be the best, but I know I can win the popularity one.
And yes, I do not consider myself a bad nor good dj/producer, but a improving one, as always.

See my soundcloud if you got any doubts!

If your read this far, thanks.
If you didn't comment on my set, thanks for your time, but it would only take a few seconds, but thanks anyway.
If you left a comment, you are the best m8! Thanks for your time and I'm glad that you exist in this dimension, planet and time!

Love ya!!