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    Hello Beautiful Party People and DJs,

    My name is Nu, Iím an upcoming female DJ from Egypt. I would like to ask for your opinions on a matter. I am entering a DJ competition where I am asked to submit a BEACH MIX and I need your help with advice.

    Do I start that mix with an intro and build up from letís say 120 BPM till 125 or shall I record the mix as if I am already in the peak hour of the beach party and start with a cool vocal tune at letís say 120 BPM?

    Second thing, shall I make an outro for my set? Like for instance play 2 cooled down tunes at the end?

    Lastly, any song recommendations?

    I chose 10 songs all pumpy and groovy, a few with vocals and some with saxophone and sweet melodiesÖ

    Your help is much appreciated!
    NU ... pay me a visit some time

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    ok, first it is a very legit question and has a lot of moving parts.

    #1 erase our current playlist as you will have to start from scratch based on the following information.

    You have to ask and answer to yourself the following questions:

    Who is holding this competition? Is it a specific brand? A group of djs? A nightclub?
    And from the answer to that question, you have to find out what current vibe are they known for? Are they know for more latin funk vocal grooves, more latin percussion/afro sounds? Are they more into techno/tech house, are they more into deep progressive? Are they more into big room vocal or electro hard dance anthems (Swedish House Mafia style)?

    Also, get an idea of what the typical beach party vibe is like in your area. Therefore, you can plan appropriately. Remember, if this competition is for an eventual gig, they will be visualizing the mix and trying to pair the right mix with their event. So unfortunately, even if you are doing the right thing and creating a journey within the mix, it may not be what they are looking for when it comes to an event that is being hosted.

    When you find that out all the above, you then need to take a picture of a local beach party in your area and place it near you as you create that mix. The objective is to visualize the set and the atmosphere. Remember, in order to create atmospere, you have to pair the music with the venue, time of the event, and demographic. A 12pm beach set is different that a 7pm sunset as it is a totally different vibe and people are dressed less to swim and more capri pants or linen shirts depending on location. This means, the really vocal latin dreamy tracks will not go well at 7pm where it may call for harder vocal melodic beats.

    So, at the end, you need to know as much specific details as possible in order to nail this mix. Just creating a mix with music is not good enough. If you are just starting, start with the right direction and proper knowledge of the game that many veterans today don't have and you will beat them.

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    Just a quick question, is this the competition on beatport sponsored by the bear brand which name is the same as for the atmosphere around the sun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scalage View Post
    the atmosphere around the sun?
    You mean Rosanne Bars' anus right? HAHAHHAHAH

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