Beatgrids living their own life?
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    Default Beatgrids living their own life?

    Hi there,

    Don't know if it's me, or maybe I suddenly lost my skill to match beats, but since two weeks, I have the impression that the beat grids of no matter which songs I am playing are moving automatically, and living their own live.

    I often see one beat grid moving faster and faster, without me giving any command to do that...

    I know this occurs with complex songs with a lot of snares and so, but I literally have it with all the songs I am playing, and I am wondering if I accidentally did something to my setup which I am not aware of?

    I have in every mode: no sync, smart sync, simple sync, snap to beat grid.
    I re-analyzed my files, set my beat grids correctly, it simply doesn't help, and I'm absolutely sure I did not had this problem the first couple of months. I literally see the the beat grids moving away from each other while I am mixing.

    Someone had the same issues or knows what this could be?


    I use:

    Pioneer DDJ SR
    Serato DJ 1.6.3

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