Anyone have experience in Booking talent as an agent?
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    Default Anyone have experience in Booking talent as an agent?

    Has anyone any experience or have a link to a guide on being a booking agent for multiple talent? Not as an overall manager and I don’t mean as a music club manager or promoter booking talent for a particular venue. I am referring to as an agent that contractually books dj talent for multiple nightclub venues- specifically within the US and from overseas to the US.

    I am looking for info on the following:

    Setting up the company
    Legal agreements/contracts
    Venue agreements
    General duties
    Is there and how much promotion is involved?
    Are their advantages of having well known talent?

    Here is the thing- I have done plenty of in-house bookings for single venues that I worked at whereas I overlooked all the moving parts. I also have the talent both locally and overseas from reputable record labels as well as local radio talent-both dance music/top 40. But the problem is I just don’t have a company for exclusive bookings or know the procedures in sourcing out venues for proper pairing of my talent. Selling the product (talent) isn’t the issue and I know it will take hard work sourcing venues. But I am simply unofficial and want to get paid for my services.

    What’s my motivation? At the end, I am a dj and want to get mine but I am also a visionary leader and want to contribute more than just as a dj. Right now is a strange place for dance music as there are a lot of artists that are putting out quality music on reputable labels but just aren't getting booked. I have been able to align myself with such artists in particular overseas because I lived there for 7 years and they are dying to come to the US. I also take notice in independent radio talent that are well known in cities like NY/NJ but never get booked outside of that. Because of my alignment, I get randomly approached for bookings but I am basically sitting on my hands because I don't have a clue. Right now, I can only bring them to the US and don't have any contacts overseas for bookings.

    It pretty much hit me yesterday when the label owner that i am working with from Germany straight up told me:

    "Hi mate. In my opinion this Price is quiet high. However i really don't need any more help in getting tracks. I am Daily flooded with demos so i have already 13 new releases in the pipeline. What I and all of us need is bookings"...
    And so this is where I am. I have dj friends thats play at pacha, cielo, sankeys NY, Miami, and here in DC so it would take some hustling but not much considering the product I have and the resident djs I know at some of the places. I just feel if I don't act within this next year, I may lose out on a big thing but I don't know where to begin as my own company/agency.

    PS.- I can't ask local booking agencies for obvious non-compete reasons.

    Please feel free to PM
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