Mapping Jogwheels to Adjust Tempo Traktor
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    Default Mapping Jogwheels to Adjust Tempo Traktor

    Hi so I have a VCI-400 and traktor, and I'm a new DJ. I wanna assign my jogwheels to fine tune tempo rather than scratch, so far I've had little luck, I've gotten them to set the tempo to 0 and adjust from there (while touching the wheel.)

    So how can I get the jogwheels to slightly change the tempo? Also is there a good way to change pitch in traktor?

    Or any cool ways I can slice/edit with the buttons instead of cueing with them?? That'd be siiick

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    Add In > Deck Common > Tempo adjust / type=encoder / mode=relative

    Set up jog wheel as in example from above and your rotary sensitivity bar will appear. By default the value is set to 100% - decrease this bar until you find the right resolution to your taste.

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