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    Default Tech House Mix LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK

    Any feedback appreciated! No seriously, I want constructive criticism. Thanks in advance


    Qlinda - Jimmy Edgar
    Requiem - Ten Walls
    Porchlight and Rocking Chairs(Kink Remix) - Jimpster
    The Bay 6(pt 2) - DAVI
    Conjure Balearia - Maceo Plex
    The World Today(Dan Caster Remix) - Artenvielfalt
    El Baile - Siwell
    Message - Dosem
    Professor Nice Love - Catz 'N Dogz
    Time To Get Physical(Tube & Berger Remix) - NiCe7
    Wizard(Tchami Remix) - Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway
    Take Control(Weval Mix) - Gui Boratto, Come and Hell
    Voodoo - Agent Greg, Sean Angel
    Dangerous Thoughts - S-Man
    Whip(Jimmy Edgar Remix) - Adan
    Elea - Worakis
    Bullit - Watermat

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    I listened to your mix on my Sony DJ headphones, at work. Here's my feedback.

    - Intro track is ok-ish.. but sorta non-commital as an intro track. Similarly, mix sorta ended with no real musical telegraphing that the mix was coming to an end. Energy level stayed about the same throughout, I prefer more of a progression and variation over time.

    - Levels were good in general, only in a few cases ("ten walls" into the jimpster track, jimpster comes in too loud) were the levels noticably off.

    - Phasing and phrasing was fine, I presume you were using Traktor or equivalent?

    - Thanks for posting a tracklist, download link = moar plays = moar feedback!

    - This kind of tech house can become very sparse with no vocals, and the first three-quarters of the mix had no vocals at all. I would have sprinkled some vocal tracks throughout, personally.

    - There was a weird breakdown which was too broken down, around 18 minutes. Really weird random Indian-esque track at 50 minutes seemed quite out of place. Otherwise, track selection was solid.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Huge thanks. It keeps me motivated to work harder. Back to the decks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomer View Post
    - This kind of tech house can become very sparse with no vocals, and the first three-quarters of the mix had no vocals at all. I would have sprinkled some vocal tracks throughout, personally.
    This is particularly important and not by just an opinionated point of view.
    Gotta add some vocals here and there. its like the bridge or breakdown in a song. It helps carry the track to the next stage.
    In a mix however it breaks up the expected rhythm in just instrumental songs in a mix for a listener.

    The vocals humanize the music and thats important.
    I recently did a live trance show which was going to be two hours. The music i had picked out i noticed had NO vocals in it
    so i started skimming through the tracks to see what its like. It was a bit boxey for Trance.
    So i tossed in a couple back to back vocals started in track 3 and 4
    then didnt come back to vocals until track 8 and did 3 of them
    one long, one short, and one long and epic, then went into just trance no vocals until the last 2 tracks of the set.

    It sounded SO much better

    i have to agree though on the download link. its important.

    Also while the track selection was good, i think it could have been organized a bit better. Couple tracks here and there didnt really ft the flow it seemed

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    Thank you for taking the time to listen. Your feedback is spot on. I was using Traktor with a S4 controller. The structure was just lacking overall with a few other things you mentioned. Really appreciate the thorough feedback. Back to the decks with a little more motivation.

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