[Hip Hop / Trap / Glitch / Breaks] Skateboard Sessions #5 - The Empire Slides Back (Free Download)
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    Default Skateboard Sessions #6 - The Return of Jaydubs (Free Download)

    Skateboard Sessions #5 - The Empire Slides Back
    Hi there. This one was mixed on Traktor 2. Few controllers used (nanoKONTROL1, Novation Nocturn, iPad1 with TouchOSC 1.83).

    It has mastered on LANDR free plan. Not all that good, but for my ears it sounds better than the original recording.

    Recently I back skateboarding, after a 6 years break due to some injuries, so I'm lovin to listen Breaks while I'm skateboarding. Also I'm planning very soon some sort of Sound System "attack" in a local skatepark. Feedback is welcome.

    Thanks for listen and have a nice weekend.

    Small mix preparing the soundtrack for the next skateboard session. This time with the selection of some tracks that I consider the best released until June/2014(Execpts the intro track). Only Breaks & Electrobreaks


    1- Maison Sky - Mode (Original Mix)
    2- Diplo - Biggie Bounce (Icey's 126 bpm edit)
    3- Agent K - Gucci Kicks (Original Mix)
    4- Kuplay - Hipster Boobies (Original Mix)
    5- Kid Digital feat. Rubi Dan - Attack The Speakers (Original Mix)
    6- Hankook - The Beat (Perfect Kombo Remix)
    7- B-Phreak - Heat it up (Original Mix)
    8- B-Phreak vs. Electric Soulside - Shadow Technik (Original Mix)
    9- Under Break - Cosmos (Original Mix)
    10- GROVE - TITAN iBreaks
    11- Lee Coombs and Kostas G - Phunked! (Original Mix)
    12- Thec4 & KL2 - Booty Moves (Original Mix)
    13- DJ Icey & DJ Ark - The Come Up (Original Mix)
    14- B-Phreak - Way Back (Original Mix)
    15- Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Original Mix)
    16- Slyde - Underground (Original Mix)
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    I listened to your mix on my Sony headphones at work. Here's my feedback!

    - Thanks for the tracklist and download link! I wish that you would remove that nonsense (Original Mix) crap that beatport adds to every track automatically, because none of those tracks are actually named that.

    - I liked the track selection, apparently I like Jersey Club more than I thought I did. Some of the tracks were a bit explicitly commercial for my tastes, especially in the vocals. I'm surprised at how much "breaks" and "post-brostep" seems to have crossed over into housey type beats.

    - Phrasing and phasing of the mix was generally good, and levels were ok. I only heard one or two cases each of phasing errors or a given track being too loud or quiet. I didn't feel much of a variation in terms of energy, started around a 7 and stayed between 7 and 9 for the rest of the mix. Generally I prefer more of a progression over the course of the mix.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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